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Here at Western Oklahoma Pain Specialists, we diagnose and provide treatment for numerous conditions. We are an Interventional pain clinic run by our Anesthesiologist, Dr. Blick, who received advanced training in numerous interventional pain management procedures such as different kinds of nerve blocks, interlaminar epidural, radiofrequency thermocoagulation, and many more to treat pain conditions.

The first step is diagnosis. It is vital to carefully diagnose a patient so that proper treatment can be used. Pain felt on one side can be caused by something else from a different part of the body. This is also known as "referred pain." Our clinic uses specialized equipment and techniques in diagnosing these disorders. We carefully review the medical history, any tests done prior to coming to our clinic, as well as perform a physical exam. We also take into account the patient's lifestyle and may suggest different avenues in helping manage their pain. Each patient receives a personalized treatment plan that addresses the problems presented by the patient. Our doctor will review the treatment options available based on the diagnosis and will recommend the best possible route to take.

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